Pivotal Moments Where Your Trajectory Changed – The Lessons Learned


In this episode John and Kelly talk about moments in their life where it changed their trajectory. Kelly talks about when she first became an entrepreneur in the employment field. What drove her to make the leap. And Kelly talks about the lessons she learned. John talks about when he launched into being an entrepreneur in the real estate development field when he was 30 years old. After starting out as a CPA. How he learned that not everyone has the same sense of fairness and the desire to be fair with everyone. Kelly then talks about the life-changing moment when she met John and he taught her the 12 minute a day technique that applies the full secret of the book think and grow Rich. How that gave her control over her life. It took an outsider to enlighten Kelly. John also talks about when he was frustrated with his life at 50. Not as successful as he thought he should be. So he decides go find the top book the world on success and apply that book literally Word for Word to his life. That book is think and grow Rich. It’s been read by over 100 million people. In the book it says there’s a secret for success. But the author only gives us half the secret. John figures out the full secret and a 12 minute a day technique to apply it. It causes his income to go up by 25 times over what he was making the prior 20 years. John talks about looking for a true success formula throughout his life. He knew if you ever found one, it had to be simple. And sure enough, it was simple. Create immense clarity about your life, feed it to yourself every day, it then impacts your daily actions and those upgraded daily actions then creates life you want. Powerfully simple. The big take away is when you feel stuck in your life, getting unstuck will require the input of someone else. For Kelly it was meeting John. For John, it was reading the book think and grow Rich at the exact right time.

Influence – Influencing Other People, Influencing Yourself


In this episode John and Kelly talk about how we are all in the influence business. And influence has two components to it. First, influencing yourself. That means getting yourself to do the key habits required to be successful. Having discipline. John talks about how this is leadership of self. Which means having the mindset of I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I own my results and am never a victim. Being able to summon up grit and perseverance when things don’t go well. Kelly then talked about how she influences other people like her team. By being authentic and doing what she says she’s going to do. John talks about the book how to win friends and influence people. This classic book. The power of seeing people’s first name in conversations. The power of seeing things from the other person’s point of view. Smiling. The wrap-up to this podcast explains how you can make influencing both yourself and other people happen automatically without thinking using our 12 minute day technique.

Gaining More Time – A Better Daily And Weekly To Do System


In this episode John and Kelly talk about how important it is to be organized if you’re a high achiever. John and Kelly have developed an organizational system (daily to do form and weekly to do form) that they think is great. There’s three components to the system. You plan your day the night before, you time block your day, and you identify your top three priorities each day. The key is to have a great system. Using their daily to do form, the template lines out each day by every half hour. To do’s are scheduled at a specific time. Then a person identifies their top three priorities for the day and highlights those priorities on the form.

Find The Emotional Hook – The Key To Marketing


In this episode John and Kelly talk about how important it is in marketing to identify the emotional hook with your customers. This is absolutely the most important thing you must do in marketing. Everything flows from there. Kelly talks about recently getting a big client. She discusses the emotional hook that landed the whale. John then talks about the emotional hook with regards to Think it Be it. He first asked people if they are a high achiever. This positions the customer for what’s to follow. Then he explains that most people are playing the game of life at 10% – 20% of their potential. For someone that has self identified as a high achiever, that’s a big problem. That’s the emotional hook. And this illustrates something else is important. Really understanding your target customer. Kelly was able to influence her new client by being blunt and asking questions rather than doing a lot of talking. And from those questions, she fed the new client the emotional hook. As John and Kelly wrap up this episode, John talks about how to make this idea of focusing on the emotional hook with customers using the TIBI 12 minute day technique.

Seek To Understand Instead Of Trying To Be Understood


In this episode John and Kelly talk about the idea of seeking to understand before you try to be understood. John mentions that this is one of the seven habits of highly successful people. He recently read that book again and this was the habit that really caught his attention. Kelly and John talk about how innately we don’t like people who think differently than we do. That happens at a subconscious level. But of course people don’t think like we do. Everyone is simply a reflection of three things. Their genetics, what has come into their consciousness to this point in their life, and whether they have estrogen or testosterone flowing through their veins. Everyone is unique. To expect that people will think like you do doesn’t make sense. And that’s why it makes so much sense to apply this idea of seeking to understand before trying to be understood. Kelly talks about how she applies this to her team in her business. John talks about how he’s been trying to improve his skills in this regard with his wife Ginger. At the end John talks about how to apply this idea using Think It Be It’s 12 minute a day technique.

What It Means To Do Your Best


In this episode John and Kelly talk about what it means to do your best. John explains that in his 40s, doing his best meant getting up it 5:30 AM. When he got into his 50s, he expanded his vision of doing his best. It was three things. Effort – getting up at 5:30 AM. Second, focus on what moves the needle. And then third, personal growth. With a system. And making sure the growth was consistent and strategic relative to what he wanted to accomplish.

Kelly talks about what doing her best means to her. She said it’s showing up as the best version of yourself. Always doing the right thing. John then mentioned that in the last year or so he’s added two more things to his prior list of three things regarding doing his best. The adds were tuning into reality and being self-aware. John and Kelly both talked about the value of getting perspective. Doing so by setting aside time to think two times a week. Deep think using the technique they’ve developed. They also explain the one thing that once they learned it, both their lives were changed. Realizing that their daily actions determine their success yet they don’t control their daily actions. Only their intentions. But you can control your daily actions by rewiring your autopilot. That’s what their 12 minute day technique is all about. To wrap up, John and Kelly gave listeners how to do their best using their 12 minute day technique or the lite version of how to influence the subconscious mind. Using reminders.

Tuning Into Reality In Order To Be More Successful


In this episode John and Kelly talk about how success comes down to tuning into reality. What is reality telling you regarding your business, your romantic relationship, your health. What is the unvarnished results you’re getting in each area of your life. So often people want to ignore what’s really happening. John talks about listening to an episode of Impact Theory. Where the host Tom Bilyeu says that reality is the most efficient way things operate. John gives the example of this regarding marriage and also regarding marketing your business. In this episode John talks about how tuning into reality has changed Think it Be it over the last couple years. And Kelly talks about how tuning in reality has impacted her business Ingenuity Advantage. As John and Kelly wrapped things up, they show how to apply tuning into reality so it shows up in your thoughts and actions automatically. They give the full way using the Think it Be it 12 minute a day technique as well as the lite version.

How To Have A Great Romantic Relationship


In this episode John and Kelly talk about how to have a great romantic relationship by rewiring your autopilot. So the right actions happen automatically without thinking. During this podcast they talk about some key behaviors that create a great romantic relationship. Such as having a weekly relationship talk with your spouse. How to make yourself “flexible, patient, and thoughtful” automatically without thinking. During this podcast, John and Kelly revealed the one thing that once they learned it, their lives were never the same. That 95% of their daily actions are unconscious. Therefore you don’t control your daily actions. You only control your intentions. And as this relates to having a great romantic relationship, lots of people have the intention. But the only way to create the behaviors for having a great romantic relationship happens by rewiring your autopilot. During this podcast John explains how to rewire your autopilot relative to your marriage or romantic relationship using the full think it be it 12 minute a day method. And Kelly explains how to do the lite version of this.

I Don’t Have the Time | TIBI005


Too often Up Your Success programs require a couple of hours a day to start. Be it for journaling, meditation, or whatever their method is, you don’t have that much free time.

Join John and Kelly as they discuss the three components of time; quantity, efficiency, and scarcity. Listen as they discuss the impact that just 12 minutes a day had on their lives once they created the clarity they needed to move forward.

This Won’t Work on Me | TIBI004


When people are introduced to a new strategy to up their success, oftentimes they think it won’t work on them, and for good reason. Nothing to that point has really worked. So why should they believe the new thing is going to work? The concepts behind the Think It Be It program and the 12 minutes a day methodology are based on science, and the fact is they can work on anyone!

John and Kelly discuss the limiting beliefs people have when they are facing new strategies for success, why they fail, and how with the leveraging of science you can find the clarity in your life that you need to take yourself and your business to the next level.