In this episode John and Kelly talk about growing intellectually. And how important it is to make your personal growth both consistent (every week) as well as strategic relative to what you want to accomplish. Kelly describes a great system she’s created for herself. Every Sunday she defines the things she’s going to listen to during the week. Listening to the content primarily when she’s exercising. And it’s always strategic relative to what you want to accomplish. As an example, she wanted to get government contracts for her recruitment business. So she listened to content on government contracts. Very strategic. John talks about when he was 50 years old he realized that he wasn’t growing intellectually. He was too busy for personal growth. Big mistake. He fixed it with the system he created. And it made him a conduit of learning. With the wisdom of experts coming into his head every week. At the end John talks about how he articulates his personal growth plan in his life GPS template that he reads each day.