Success Is Something You Attract, Not Chase (Encore)


In this episode, John and Kelly talk about the concept that success is something you attract, rather than something you chase. By being the type of person that does attract success. As Kelly points out, BE then DO. John makes the analogy of someone trying to catch a butterfly. It’s very elusive. Just like success. But if you become the person that you need to be in order to be successful, you will attract success. Kelly talked about the idea of envisioning the best version of yourself 10 years from now. And envisioning what you would have accomplished. Then seeing the type of person you would need to be in order to attain that level of success. It’s a great analogy. Putting yourself in a third-party position to see the person you need to be in order to attract the success you want is a fundamental concept.

We All Have A Big Problem We Must Overcome: We Are wired For Survival Not Success


In this episode, John and Kelly discuss the idea that we all have a problem in life that we must overcome. We are all innately wired for survival, not success. And here’s the impact of being wired for survival. It causes 70% of our thoughts to be fear-based. We’re reactive rather than proactive on our important agenda. So think about that. If you’re innately wired to be fear-based and reactive, that’s exactly the opposite of how you need to be in order to be productive creative and happy. And to say that another way, you’re wired for failure.

Personal Responsibility


In this episode, John and Kelly discuss personal responsibility. To launch into this topic, John plays a five minute presentation by Darren Hardy. After the clip plays, John and Kelly unpack what we learned. The first thing we learn is that you created the life you have. Whatever you have in your life, both good and bad, you created it. The second thing we learned is that cornerstone of personal responsibility is never being a victim. Eliminating victimhood.

Why Are Only 2% Of People Driven

In this episode, John and Kelly discuss the fact that only 2% of people are driven. John explains that he first discovered this about five years ago. He decided to go to the top expert in the world on success and share think it be it with him or her. As it turns out, John decided that Darren Hardy was …

We Live In An “Absence Of Truth” World

In this episode, John and Kelly discuss the fact that we live in an absence of truth world. There are no facts today. Everything is opinions. And the effect of that is it is hard to move forward in resolving important issues. John gives the example of rising crime. So how do we solve the problem. When you dig into …

You Get In Life What You Expect


In this episode, John and Kelly discuss that you get in life is what you create. But what drives the creative process? It’s what we expect. Expectations manifest themselves. So let’s think about this a little deeper. If expectations manifest themselves, what drives our expectations? It’s our thoughts. And our thoughts are dictated by the input we have coming in. Garbage in, garbage out. Good in, good out. John plays a two minute presentation by Darren Hardy about this.

Seek To Understand Instead Of Trying To Be Understood (Encore)


In this episode, John and Kelly talk about the idea of seeking to understand before you try to be understood. John mentions that this is one of the seven habits of highly successful people. He recently read that book again and this was the habit that really caught his attention. Kelly and John talk about how innately we don’t like people who think differently than we do. That happens at a subconscious level. But of course people don’t think like we do. Everyone is simply a reflection of three things. Their genetics, what has come into their consciousness to this point in their life, and whether they have estrogen or testosterone flowing through their veins. Everyone is unique.

Growth (Encore)


In this episode, John and Kelly talk about growing intellectually. And how important it is to make your personal growth both consistent (every week) as well as strategic relative to what you want to accomplish. Kelly describes a great system she’s created for herself. Every Sunday she defines the things she’s going to listen to during the week. Listening to the content primarily when she’s exercising. And it’s always strategic relative to what you want to accomplish.

What Is Your Superpower – Everyone Has One


In this episode, John and Kelly discuss the fact that everyone has a superpower. And there’s power in knowing what it is and playing into it. Kelly’s superpower is being a people person. Being able to make people feel heard and recognized. Having empathy. John goes on to say that his superpower is being able to take the complex and make it simple. John discovered this when he was 27 years old working as a CPA. And he saw that talent playing out throughout his life. When he launched into being an entrepreneur at 30, he was able to prepare the investment brochure in a way that made the complex simple.

Listening To Your Visualization Rather Than Reading It


In this episode, John and Kelly discuss an innovation to the think it be it methodology. You can listen to your daily visualization rather than read it. John explains that he’s been reading his visualization for like 20 years. But he is so enamored now with being able to listen to it instead. Every way after he wakes up , John puts on his headphones and then presses a button in the think it be it app. He then closes his eyes and listens to his visualization. John and Kelly discuss how listening influences the subconscious mind slightly different than reading. But it’s still repetition, which is the only stimulus that influences the subconscious mind.