What It Means To Do Your Best


In this episode John and Kelly talk about what it means to do your best. John explains that in his 40s, doing his best meant getting up it 5:30 AM. When he got into his 50s, he expanded his vision of doing his best. It was three things. Effort – getting up at 5:30 AM. Second, focus on what moves the needle. And then third, personal growth. With a system. And making sure the growth was consistent and strategic relative to what he wanted to accomplish.

Kelly talks about what doing her best means to her. She said it’s showing up as the best version of yourself. Always doing the right thing. John then mentioned that in the last year or so he’s added two more things to his prior list of three things regarding doing his best. The adds were tuning into reality and being self-aware. John and Kelly both talked about the value of getting perspective. Doing so by setting aside time to think two times a week. Deep think using the technique they’ve developed. They also explain the one thing that once they learned it, both their lives were changed. Realizing that their daily actions determine their success yet they don’t control their daily actions. Only their intentions. But you can control your daily actions by rewiring your autopilot. That’s what their 12 minute day technique is all about. To wrap up, John and Kelly gave listeners how to do their best using their 12 minute day technique or the lite version of how to influence the subconscious mind. Using reminders.

Tuning Into Reality In Order To Be More Successful


In this episode John and Kelly talk about how success comes down to tuning into reality. What is reality telling you regarding your business, your romantic relationship, your health. What is the unvarnished results you’re getting in each area of your life. So often people want to ignore what’s really happening. John talks about listening to an episode of Impact Theory. Where the host Tom Bilyeu says that reality is the most efficient way things operate. John gives the example of this regarding marriage and also regarding marketing your business. In this episode John talks about how tuning into reality has changed Think it Be it over the last couple years. And Kelly talks about how tuning in reality has impacted her business Ingenuity Advantage. As John and Kelly wrapped things up, they show how to apply tuning into reality so it shows up in your thoughts and actions automatically. They give the full way using the Think it Be it 12 minute a day technique as well as the lite version.

How To Have A Great Romantic Relationship


In this episode John and Kelly talk about how to have a great romantic relationship by rewiring your autopilot. So the right actions happen automatically without thinking. During this podcast they talk about some key behaviors that create a great romantic relationship. Such as having a weekly relationship talk with your spouse. How to make yourself “flexible, patient, and thoughtful” automatically without thinking. During this podcast, John and Kelly revealed the one thing that once they learned it, their lives were never the same. That 95% of their daily actions are unconscious. Therefore you don’t control your daily actions. You only control your intentions. And as this relates to having a great romantic relationship, lots of people have the intention. But the only way to create the behaviors for having a great romantic relationship happens by rewiring your autopilot. During this podcast John explains how to rewire your autopilot relative to your marriage or romantic relationship using the full think it be it 12 minute a day method. And Kelly explains how to do the lite version of this.

I Don’t Have the Time | TIBI005


Too often Up Your Success programs require a couple of hours a day to start. Be it for journaling, meditation, or whatever their method is, you don’t have that much free time.

Join John and Kelly as they discuss the three components of time; quantity, efficiency, and scarcity. Listen as they discuss the impact that just 12 minutes a day had on their lives once they created the clarity they needed to move forward.

This Won’t Work on Me | TIBI004


When people are introduced to a new strategy to up their success, oftentimes they think it won’t work on them, and for good reason. Nothing to that point has really worked. So why should they believe the new thing is going to work? The concepts behind the Think It Be It program and the 12 minutes a day methodology are based on science, and the fact is they can work on anyone!

John and Kelly discuss the limiting beliefs people have when they are facing new strategies for success, why they fail, and how with the leveraging of science you can find the clarity in your life that you need to take yourself and your business to the next level.

The $5 Million Secret – How to Rewire Your Autopilot | TIBI003


Do you think you can change your outcomes in life and success with just 12 minutes a day? John and Kelly are here to tell you that you can. Most people perceive that they control their daily actions, but they don’t. They only control their intentions. It is this conflict between conscious and sub-conscious thoughts that limit the ability to truly leverage yourself to success. Join Kelly and John as you learn the false beliefs many people have regarding success and how your daily actions are controlled by your “autopilot”.

Kelly’s Story – Work Smarter, Not Harder | TIBI002


The day that Kelly Hatfield interviewed John on her podcast, she became intrigued in his 12 minute a day methodology. Implementing this she received transformative results that doubled her income in just a few short months and to ultimate net 7 figures a year as well. This is Kelly’s story about her transformation and how she and John partnered in their human performance company, Think It Be It. Learn how together they teach fellow entrepreneurs how to work smarter, not harder all through the integration of science into their lives.

John’s Story – 12 Minutes A Day to Success | FIBI001


Upon reflecting upon his life at the age of 50, John Mitchell just did not feel like he was as successful as he should be. Picking up the book Think and Grow Rich, John was intrigued by the advocation of applying science to up your success however the book only gave half the secret to make this happen. Listen as John shares his story as he figured out the full secret and how with the development and application of a 12 minute a day technique, he saw his income rise to $5 million net a year.