You Must Have An “Intelligent Plan” For Your Life


In this episode John and Kelly talk the importance of having an intelligent plan for your life. John talked about going out to LA to see his stepson who is a musician. He is struggling to have an intelligent plan for his life regarding paying his bills. Kelly mentioned that there were times in her life where she didn’t have an intelligent plan. John said the same thing. Then John told about going to waffle house and giving the waitress at $300 tip. Along with a note that told her that he admired her. That she was hard-working and not a victim. That he bet she had an intelligent plan for her life. And at the end of the note John then went on to say “your life is going to work out. This is a message from God”. The advice to listeners was to evaluate whether you have an intelligent plan for your life. And in using our 12 minute a day methodology, you feed that intelligent plan to yourself every day. And if it doesn’t seem intelligent to you after dialing in what reality is telling you, then you change your plan.