Our program is by “invitation only”. It’s an eight week initial program, then our annual program.  The reason we’re selective about who we let in is because we’re very protective of our 100% track record. We’re all about impact! That’s why we have an application process.

And here’s what’s interesting…

While our program works on everyone,  it’s NOT for everyone. As you will see, our 12 minute a day technique will be easy to do. But customizing the technique to your unique life, and establishing powerful clarity, is hard. So we only work with people that are willing to put in the work. And are as committed to results as we are.

If we don’t think we can dramatically impact your income, we won’t take you into our program. Our initial goal is always to double your income within 12 months. And our ultimate goal is to get you to where you are netting over $1 million a year. That clarity of purpose and focus is our strength.

Entrepreneurs only…

We only work with “driven” entrepreneurs, who already have an up and going viable business – grossing at least $250,000 a year. Because if you have achieved that, you’ve already done the hard part. You’ve got something to leverage. We’ll show you how to apply our leveraging process to your unique business – using science.

One last thing…

Netting over $1 million a year the first time is hard. But then netting “multiple millions” a year is INEVITABLE. You will come to understand why that’s the case. We have been where you want to go.

To apply for our program and book a 1:1 with John or Kelly, click below and email John