Welcome Sales Pop! Podcast Listeners

Since you are here, you must have heard my interview on the Sales Pop! Podcast with John Golden.

John understands the huge challenges entrepreneurs face in taking their NET to $1 million a year.

Today business owners are experiencing the “Great Awakening”. Many DRIVEN business owners have “HAD IT” with the disconnect between their efforts and their results. “HAD IT” with this innate feeling that they’re playing at 20% of their potential. “HAD IT” with not being further along.

The solution? The top book in the world on Success – Think & Grow Rich. Been read by 100 million people. Learn the full “SECRET”  to applying the science of the human mind to LEVERAGE yourself.

The book is based on one simple fact. 95% of your daily actions are unconscious. So to have a higher level of success, you have to influence those unconscious daily actions. Pure math!

John Mitchell – Founder of Think It Be It®

Our 12 minute a day technique works because it impacts:

  1. FOCUS. You focus ONLY on what moves the needle.
  2. DISCIPLINE. Feels like you triple your discipline.
  3. NEW IDEAS. Consistently coming into your head every week, that are not coming in today.

Today when you awaken each morning, you’re on autopilot most the day. Innately wired for survival, which makes you fear-based, reactive and negative. Exactly the opposite of how you want to be if you want to be productive, creative and happy. You play the “GAME OF LIFE” at 20% of your potential.

Program yourself 12 minutes a day to reset your autopilot. Watch what happens…

This works on everyone because it’s pure SCIENCE. It can’t NOT work. The level of control it gives you from influencing your autopilot feels like a SUPERPOWER. This is unlike anything else in the human performance field. Time Magazine did a cover story on the science behind our methodology.

Below are the resources I mentioned on the podcast. Our gift to you. If we can be of any service to you, don’t hesitate to contact us.