Welcome Impact Business Show Listeners

Since you are here, you must have heard my interview on the Impact Business Show with Annelise Worn.

She is a great host who understands the huge challenges entrepreneurs face in taking their net incomes over $1 million a year.

Today business owners are experiencing the “Great Awakening”. What we’ve all gone through over the last 2 years has caused all of us to look at how we play the game of life. Many DRIVEN business owners have “HAD IT” with the disconnect between their efforts and their results. “HAD IT” with this innate feeling that they’re playing at 20% of their potential.

The solution? The top book in the world on Success – Think & Grow Rich. It advocates applying SCIENCE to your life to up your success. To LEVERAGE yourself.

The book is based on one simple fact. 95% of your daily actions are unconscious. So to have a higher level of success, you have to influence those unconscious daily actions. Pure math.

John Mitchell – Founder of Think It Be It®

Our 12 minute day technique works because it:

  1. Focuses you only on what moves the needle
  2. Triples your discipline
  3. Causes new ideas to consistently come into your head every week.

Today you’re innately wired for survival, which makes you fear-based, reactive and negative. Program yourself 12 minutes a day to NET $1 million a year. Watch what happens…

Below are the resources I mentioned on the podcast. Use them as our gift to you. If we can be of any service to you, don’t hesitate to contact us.