Create The Exceptional Life... By Rewiring Your AUTOPILOT

We believe “The Exceptional Life” is a combination of three things. Netting seven figures a year, having a great romantic relationship/marriage, and having great health.

So why is netting over $1 million a year important? Because when you can take your income to that level and beyond, you get what we all want. Freedom! And the lifestyle commensurate with your hard work.

But what good is it if you don’t have your health, or a great romantic partner to share your fabulous life with?

Clearly we all want The Exceptional Life. But why do so few people actually have it? It’s one fundamental “FALSE BELIEF” most people have about success…


Not so. You control your INTENTIONS. Your autopilot controls your daily actions because…

95% of your daily actions are UNCONSCIOUS.

That’s significant because it’s your daily actions that determine your success in each area of your life. Therefore if 95% of your daily actions are unconscious, the only way to have a higher level of success is to “influence” those unconscious daily actions. It’s pure math.

You do that by rewiring your AUTOPILOT. By applying the “central concept” of the top book in the world on success to your life. "Think & Grow Rich"

Using our proprietary, 12 minute a day technique.

When you can control your unconscious daily actions, it’s the ultimate in LEVERAGE. And you go from playing the “game of life” at 10-20% of your potential to playing at 100%. Watch what happens…


Who's this for?

For the SERIOUS PLAYERS. For the 2% of business owners who are truly driven. Where more success is a necessity, rather than merely a preference… as with most.

In introducing our methodology to new clients, so often they experience an epiphany at the inception. They see WHY all the things they’ve tried in the past haven’t worked. It’s like a lightbulb goes on in their head. Everything else is “strategies”. Only affecting their intentions. What’s different is our methodology makes “great strategies” show up automatically, without thinking, in your daily actions.

In working with clients, if we don’t think we can double your INCOME within a year, and ultimately net 7 figures a year, we won’t accept you into our program.

We’re so confident in our methodology we give a money back guarantee.

Our methodology is for those who want an EDGE in life, an advantage over everyone else. By applying science to their life to LEVERAGE themselves. So they play the game of life at 100% of their potential, rather than 10 – 20% as most people do.


You are innately wired for survival, causing you to be fear based and reactive. Watch our 3 minute video to learn how our 12 minute a day methodology overrides that and wires you for SUCCESS.


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Rewire your autopilot

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Net 7 Figures A Year
By Rewiring Your Autopilot
And Live 'The Exceptional Life' Along The Way


The science behind our methodology was profiled on the cover of Time MagazineAnd we teach our 12 minute a day technique at one the “Top 5” Business Schools in the country. Where it’s considered the “Top Application In The World” of the top book in the world on SUCCESS - Think & Grow Rich

Here's what other business owners say about our program:

Is there a disconnect . . .

A disconnect between your efforts and your results. Your working 10 times harder today than when you first started your business. Yet you’re not making 10 times the results. Too often you’re off in the weeds, juggling 10 different things. Too often you’re overcome by distraction, overwhelmed and reactive.

The same thing may be happening in your marriage and controlling your health. And maybe you have a voice in your head that continually criticizes you rather than supports you.

But here’s what you’ll find interesting. It’s not your fault!

Because it’s happening unconsciously. You’re innately wired for survival. And, as you learned, 95% of your daily actions are unconscious. What that means is when you open your eyes each morning, you’re on autopilot most the day. Innately wired to be fear-based and reactive. That’s why you too often feel confused, stuck, or feel uncertain.

So to be productive, creative, and happy, you absolutely have to fix this problem. By rewiring your autopilot daily, using our 12 minute a day technique.

It focuses you ONLY on what moves the needle.

It triples your discipline, and causes “new ideas” to consistently come into your head every week. Productive and practical business ideas that aren’t coming in today. That’s happening from 3 key aspects of our leveraging methodology.

Imagine all that happening every week.

Respectfully, the results you’re having today in your business reflect your level of “competence” as an entrepreneur. As legendary football coach Bill Parcells says…”You are what your record says you are.”

This is how you UP your level of competence as an entrepreneur, learning from two entrepreneurs who have a strong track record of netting 7 figures a year. And who also teach you how to create the “Exceptional Life” in the other key areas of your life at the same time.

It’s a true “success formula”. That gives you what we all most want.

CONTROL over your life…

To a level beyond what you’ve experienced before. The result is you live your life on a daily basis with ongoing CONFIDENCE, focused ONLY on what moves the needle. With an inner voice that always supportive and calming. Rather than living your life distracted and fear-based.

For the first time ever, you have a true advantage in life.

And you move from having the “average life” to The Exceptional Life. By playing  the “game of life” at your full potential, rather than at a fraction of your potential.

We can help

John Mitchell

When I was 30, I became a business owner. For 20 years I consistently netted low 6 figures a year. When I turned 50, everything changed. By applying science to my life, I discovered how to truly LEVERAGE my company’s biggest asset – myself and my brain. It impacted my focus, tripled my discipline, & caused “new ideas” to come into my head weekly that weren’t coming in before.

It gave me CONTROL over my life. I began playing the “game of life” at a much higher level, and it took my company’s NET INCOME to over $5 million a year. A 25 times increase over what I’d averaged the prior 20 years.

I was then asked to teach what I discovered (The Science of  Leveraging Yourself) at one of the top universities in the country. As I started sharing it with the world,  I met Kelly Hatfield.

Kelly Hatfield

I tried John’s 12-minute-a-day methodology, and I saw my company’s net income go to seven figures a year. After many, many years of netting six figures a year. Surprisingly, it also impacted my health and my marriage at the same time. I too was playing the “game of life” at a much higher level. I could actually feel it, beside see the results.  It was so transformative that John and I became partners in our human performance company, Think It Be It.

So for driven business owners, what we have for you is truly transformational. And we’d like to share it with you in by visiting “one on one” on a zoom call.

Our program is “radically” different

Everything else in the success and human achievement field are strategies. Often very good strategies. But you have strategies coming out your ears. What you need is a way to get great strategies, and the success mindset, to show up in the very thing that determines your success in life. Your daily thoughts and actions. And makes them ‘show up” automatically, without thinking. That’s what we achieve.

And while this program is designed to dramatically impact your income, surprisingly it impacts “quality of life” at the same time. This happens because our methodology gives you immense control and focus – from the clarity we establish. The stress and overwhelm of being a business owner is therefore dramatically reduced, and your quality of life dramatically goes up.

As you’ll see, that enhanced focus and discipline directly impacts your health and romantic relationship, at the very same time you’re impacting your income. That’s so critical because your health and romantic relationship are the other two components required to have “The Exceptional Life”.

The bottom line? Our program gives you what we all want most. CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFE. You’re controlling your ongoing thoughts and actions, to a level you’ve never experienced before.

“Control your thoughts, control your life”.

The tip of the spear of our methodology is our 12-minute-a-day morning routine. It’s well vetted as evidenced by the fact we teach this at one of the top universities in the country.


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