The $5 Million Secret – How to Rewire Your Autopilot (Encore)

In this episode, let’s revisit the episode, “The $5 Million Secret – How to Rewire Your Autopilot”.

Do you think you can change your outcomes in life and success with just 12 minutes a day? John and Kelly are here to tell you that you can. Most people perceive that they control their daily actions, but they don’t. They only control their intentions. It is this conflict between conscious and sub-conscious thoughts that limit the ability to truly leverage yourself to success. Join Kelly and John as you learn the false beliefs many people have regarding success and how your daily actions are controlled by your “autopilot”.


  • Everyone is innately wired for survival, which causes 90% of our thoughts to be fear-based and reactive. This is exactly the opposite of how we need to be if we want to be productive, creative, and happy.
  • 95% of your daily actions are subconscious, so our daily actions are controlled by our autopilot.
  • This is significant because the cumulative effect of your daily actions determines your success in each area of your life.
  • To have a higher level of success, you have to rewire your autopilot and when you do, you play the game of life at your full potential.