How To Have A Great Romantic Relationship (Encore)

In this episode John and Kelly talk about how to have a great romantic relationship by rewiring your autopilot. So the right actions happen automatically without thinking. During this podcast they talk about some key behaviors that create a great romantic relationship. Such as having a weekly relationship talk with your spouse. How to make yourself “flexible, patient, and thoughtful” automatically without thinking. During this podcast, John and Kelly revealed the one thing that once they learned it, their lives were never the same. That 95% of their daily actions are unconscious. Therefore you don’t control your daily actions. You only control your intentions. And as this relates to having a great romantic relationship, lots of people have the intention. But the only way to create the behaviors for having a great romantic relationship happens by rewiring your autopilot. During this podcast John explains how to rewire your autopilot relative to your marriage or romantic relationship using the full think it be it 12 minute a day method. And Kelly explains how to do the lite version of this.