Why owners are receptive to establishing a joint venture

In 2022 our company reached CRITICAL MASS as evidenced by the following:


We documented our methodology’s ability to impact people’s lives with numerous video testimonials. Documenting that with entrepreneurs we always double a person’s income and typically take their net income to over $1 million a year. Supported with our money back guarantee.


John Mitchell teaches this methodology at one the top five business schools in the country. The McCombs school of business at the University of Texas.

Explainer Video

We created a three minute explainer video that explains our methodology.

Online Course

We have an extensive online video course that teaches our methodology over eight weeks.

Miracle Morning Mindset Product-Blazed the trail

Proved The Economic Viability Of Selling a “Mindset” Product in the marketplace.It's a $35 million franchise and growing.

Connection to the Top Book in the World Success

We uncovered the “full secret” that was only partially revealed in the book itself. And showed that by applying the full secret, it caused the founder’s (John Mitchell) income to go up by 25 times over what it was the prior 20 years, to $5 million a year.

Why we seek a joint venture …

We are receptive to creating a joint venture because we see that now that we have attained critical mass, it’s time to start our marketing efforts. But rather than do that ourselves, and try to rise above the clutter in the marketplace, the more LEVERAGED approach is to find a thought leader that already has a large following, 2 million people or more. And share our methodology with that person, starting by co-authoring a book together.

We believe we have something that is world changing. And we want to make a “dent in the universe”. The JV approach noted above is the quickest and most leveraged approach to making that dent in the universe with the product we’ve created.

As to our joint venture partner, our product is attractive to them because with that big following, they have to come up with new and innovative ideas on an ongoing basis in order to monetize their following.

So the perfect partnership evolves when they provide the marketing and the big following and we provide the innovative product with name recognition from the connection with the book Think and Grow Rich.