To the entrepreneur

You’re successful. You’re proud of that, as you should be.

But there’s a problem. You want a truly “Exceptional Life,” and you see that earning six figures a year just won’t get you there. That “Exceptional Life” can only happen “if” you begin making over $1 million a year.

The reason that’s not happening today is not your fault. You’ve been missing one key piece of information, and it makes you to have less than 20% control of yourself and causes you to be reactive not proactive. Let me show you how making one small change in your life can exponentially change your results. That change is what we teach in this course.

Over 9 years, I was blessed to build a $25 million a year business. It started as a one-man operation, with no revenues, no profits. I ultimately had 175 employees & netted over $5 million a year. Previously, I had only “average” success as an entrepreneur. Here’s how that impacts you.

I was determined to begin making over $1 million a year. But I realized it wouldn’t happen unless I materially “upped” my game, and began operated at an even higher level each and every day, as described in the book Think and Grow Rich. I was able to do that by creating a 12 minute a day methodology …that YOU can replicate.

Today our 12-minute-a-day methodology is recognized as the “Top Application in the World” of the legendary book Think and Grow Rich, the greatest selling book on success and achievement ever written.

As you consider this for yourself, understand that this is ONLY for people who are serious about increasing their success in life. Where more success and achievement is an absolute necessity! For most people, more success is merely a “preference”. If you’re the exception,  let me tell you more of my story and the story of my partner, Kelly Hatfield.

Think about your life

The people that typically do our course are already successful entrepreneurs. Yet they have these same frustrations you may have.

Your entrepreneurial business

It’s a challenge to crossover to making over $1 million a year. Your company’s profitability and sales growth are not happening as quickly as you like. You feel a lack of control over impacting your business and shaping your destiny …so you can have the Exceptional Life.

Your significant other relationship

It isn’t what you hoped it would be. It’s a “5” or “6”, not the “9” or “10” you always wanted it to be. And you see that your significant other relationship affects your own happiness more than any other external factor.

Controlling your health and appearance

You may feel the pain from not looking as good as you know you can, from lack of discipline regarding controlling what you eat and consistent exercise.

Work/life balance

You’re putting in long hours. You can’t work any harder than you already do. Yet you want even better results, with more control over each area of your life.

                                                                           To the “want to be” entrepreneur – you’ll find this interesting:

 We created this course for the seasoned entrepreneur that is frustrated netting six figures a year. And wants to cross over to netting over $1 million a year. And our course gives you the five-part foundation for doing so.

But here’s what surprised us. A lot of “want to be entrepreneurs” are taking our course.

So we went back and did some extra things for you. In addition to the Template for the seasoned entrepreneur, we created a visualization template specifically for the “want to be” entrepreneur. We also created a special section in our course questionnaire and course videos for you. To help you figure out exactly what business is right for you. And how to get launched as an entrepreneur in that business. 

The end result . . . from all that hard work?

You’re living an average life. But that’s not what you envisioned for yourself. You envision the “Exceptional Life” for you and your family. You’ve discovered that hard work doesn’t work! While it works for making 6 figures a year, it doesn’t work for making 7.

And here’s what so many of us do.

We unconsciously think things will just “work out.”

But that’s not how life works. You have to MAKE things work out, by doing something different than you been doing in the past.

If you want the Exceptional Life, you can’t “DO LIFE” like everyone else. That’s what creates an average life. This is a new way of “THINKING”, a new way of doing life.

Your life can be so much more

                                                                                    Let’s give you a “Peek behind the curtain”

The above video is the first video inside our online course. Watch the first three minutes for a brief overview of how our 12 minute a day technique works …and why it works.

Here’s what you learn

To achieve more, you “work smarter”, not harder. By creating a life of immense intention and clarity, using the methodology we teach in this course, it truly gives you the FOUNDATION to make over $1 million a year. And it only takes 12 minutes a day. You’ll also learn how this 12 minute day technique impacts controlling your health and appearance as well as your significant other relationship at the same time it’s impacting your career.


How It Works/Why It Works

How it works

We apply the central concept of the book Think and Grow Rich to your life. “What you envision in detail, on a daily basis, is what shows up in your life. It’s a three-step process. First, using our questionnaire, you make an accurate assessment of your life, based on your actual results. On a scale of 1 to 10, you assess your career, controlling your health and appearance, and the romantic side of your life.

Then Step 2. Guided by our questionnaire, you define, in detail, the person you want to be, exactly what you want to accomplish, and precisely how you’re going to achieve your clearly defined goals. And using our effective TEMPLATE, you then compress that detailed vision of your life down to one sheet of paper, front and back.

Then step 3. First thing each morning, you feed that succinct, detailed  vision to yourself. It takes 12 minutes a dayAfter 21 days, the science kicks in. Your daily programming shows up automatically, without thinking, in your everyday actions and ongoing thoughts. That’s the “Game Changer”. Because your everyday actions & thoughts are what determines  your outcomes in career, health, and significant other relationship. Your applying science to your life for the first time ever.

Then the surprising bonuses…

We provide 1-2 hrs of personal growth audio content to you at 8 AM every Monday morning. It’s the “best of the best” curated content from world-class experts …in key areas you need to be successful as an entrepreneur. Secondly, we teach you a routine two times a week to simply THINK and stimulate your creativity. And thirdly, we provide you with a simple daily and weekly “To Do” system. It schedules your To Do’s rather than listing them. It focuses you on the three things that move the needle each day.

The combination of these things gives you the foundation to earn over $1 million a year.

Why it works

Because it’s a radically different approach to creating success and achievement. Everything else in the success and human performance field are “strategies.” But you don’t need more success strategies. What you need is for great strategies to show up in your everyday thoughts and actions. Because, over time, that’s what creates success and achievement in each area of your life. It’s really a very simple, yet profound concept. And it’s the foundational principle of the greatest book on success and achievement ever written.

But how do you get those great strategies to show up in your everyday thoughts and ongoing actions? It’s done by applying science to your life. You’ve probably never done that. And it’s science that was profiled on the cover of Time Magazine.

It overrides the antiquated operating system that’s running your life today. That causes 90% of your thoughts to be fear-based, gives you less and 20% control over yourself, and causes you to be “reactive” rather than proactive on your important agenda. By applying the 12 minute a day technique we teach in this course, we overlay a 21st century operating system that gears you to productivity, creativity, and happiness.

Think It Be It, the creator of this course, is the TOP company in the “Success through Science” category of the human achievement field.

The mega-achievers

Over the last 20 years, there’s been an intense interest in the scientific community as to what separates the mega-achievers from everyone else. And here’s what’s they’ve discovered. The differentiator between the mega-successful and the moderately successful is control of self and focus.

Control of self is your daily actions. Focus is your ongoing thoughts. Exactly the two things that our 12 minute day technique and course affects. So from applying this 12 minute a day technique each morning, you’re simply operating at a higher level. And the result is significantly more CONTROL over your life …in career, health and romantic relationship. All from living a life of immense intention and clarity.

Impact on career, health, and romantic relationship

One of the benefits of this 12 minute day technique is it impacts your career, controlling your health and appearance, and you’re romantic relationship ALL AT THE SAME TIME.


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As an entrepreneur, you have 3 challenges. First, taking daily action in the right direction. Spending your time and focus ONLY on what moves the needle. Second, continually evolving your “strategy for success”, so you know what to do …to evolve your company to the next level. And thirdly, intellectually growing on a weekly basis. In key areas you need in order to be successful as an entrepreneur. If you’re not doing that, you’re a closed loop, and you’re not going to make over $1 million a year.

The impact

By feeding to yourself each day your succinct business plan, your strategy for success, and the two or three things that move the needle in your business, here’s what happens. It solves the first problem – taking daily action in the right direction. Your daily actions are focused ONLY on what moves the needle. It happens automatically without thinking. All distractions fall by the wayside.

Then the second problem is solved. You have a methodology for quickly evolving and refining your strategy for success in a way you never have before. There’s powerful science behind why that happens. You have an enhanced “sense of control” over your company and it’s direction.

And finally, we solve the third problem. Ongoing personal growth. Every Monday morning at 8 AM, we provide you with one – two hours of great audio content in areas like sales & marketing, time efficiency, and employee empowerment. It’s curated from world-class experts. Best of all, we show you how to listen to the audio content during the week while you’re doing something else. Either exercising or driving to or from work. We solve the biggest problem you have with regards to personal growth. Knowing and selecting what to feed yourself each and every week.

End result

The most important component in your business (you) is simply operating at a substantially higher level on a daily basis. You then have the foundation to make over $1 million a year. Which is the single-minded focus of this course.

The creators of this course saw that “Working hard” gets you six figures a year. But it doesn’t get you “7”. There has to be something else. This course is it.


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The impact is simple. More discipline regarding eating and exercise. People who have taken this course typically report that their level of discipline in this area is easily doubled or tripled. Again, you’re impacting your everyday thoughts and ongoing actions. When you understand the science behind this, which is explained fully in this course, you understand why you have more discipline.


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Your romantic relationship affects your own happiness more than any other external factor. 

The 12 minute a day technique we teach in this course will significantly improve your relationship. Because it impacts your daily thoughts and actions relative to your partner. It happens automatically, without thinking, after 21 days.

The bottom line is it improves YOU as a partner. And if you improve in the relationship, your partner can’t help but respond. And they improve as well. End result, a significantly better relationship. You move your relationship from what may be a “5” or “6” today …to a “9”. So many people who have taken this course have experienced this.

If you don’t have a significant other relationship.

If that’s the case, our 12 minute day technique influences finding the ideal person to have a relationship with. It gives you clarity of exactly what you’re looking for, how to attract that person, and helps you establish an intelligent plan for finding them. Then that intelligent plan shows up in your everyday thoughts and ongoing actions to bring that person to you.

The 7 things you get in this course

1) Our 12 minute a day technique CUSTOMIZED to your life.                                                                The “TEMPLATE”

We give  you the template required to condense your life down to one sheet of paper, front and back. On the front is the ideal you in the five key areas of your life. On the back, the improvements in each area and your top three goals. 

Each day you feed yourself exactly the person you want to be, exactly what you want to accomplish, and precisely how you’re achieving your clearly defined goals. After 21 days, your everyday actions and ongoing thoughts coalesce around the person you want to be and your goals. It happens automatically without thinking.

End result? It ups success and achievement in career, health, and romantic relationship all at the same time.

NOTE: We have a separate TEMPLATE for Entrepreneurs, people that want to be Entrepreneurs, and people who work for someone.

2) Top Goalsetting system in the world.

It’s built into our 12 minute a day “Visualization Template”. It clearly defines your TOP 3 goals each quarter, along with the WHY behind each goal. That directly affects your motivation. Then the key behaviors associated with each goal, along with weekly tracking. Its strength is its simplicity.

3) Personal Growth provided TO YOU – every Monday morning

It’s 1-2 hours of great audio content. In key areas for an entrepreneur-marketing and sales, employee empowerment, and time efficiency. Best of all, you don’t have to go find it. We provide it to you, at 8am each Monday morning. And we teach you how to listen to it by the end of the week, so it takes NO ADDITIONAL TIME out of your busy schedule. This is a true “gem” of our program and a real GAME CHANGER.


4) A way to stimulate your CREATIVITY 2 times a week.

Using a simple system we incorporate into your life.

5) Daily and weekly TO DO system- customized to your life.

That focuses you on your TOP 3  priorities each day and week. End result is you are laser focused daily ONLY on the 2-3 things that move the needle. Then the needle actually moves!

6) The 10 lessons you absolutely must know as an entrepreneur… in order to make over $1 million a year.

This course represents over 50 years of entrepreneurial experience, that saw many years of netting 6 figures a yr go to netting over 5 million dollars a year. And more importantly, why that happened. Both co-creators of this course are where you want to go-making over $1 million a year.

 7) Exceptional “Quality Control” checklist.

We make the bold promise that the end product of this course, your daily visualization, will give you the foundation to earn over $1 million a year. We take that very seriously because by making that claim, our reputation is on the line.

Accordingly, we created an thorough quality control checklist that you will run the final version of your visualization through. It ensures that your end product is to the quality it needs to be to produce the results you expect and want.



I’ve been blown away by what this course teaches and its impact. This is not a visualization where you talk to yourself and things magically appear. Rather, it’s a thorough evaluation of each area of your life. Then using the course’s great template, I’m feeding to myself every day exactly the person I want to be, what I want to accomplish, as well as how. I’ve seen the results! I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their game to the next level.

Kim Garnett

This is the clearest, most productive and on track to hitting all of my targets that I have ever been! I really do feel like I have the foundation for making seven figures a year. I also easily lost 10 pounds in the 1st 30 days because it was built into the template and top of mind. THANK YOU for that. The think It Be It course with your wisdom, the system, and brilliant template makes this hand down the best money I’ve ever spent! And I’ve done a lot of courses. I thought compressing my life down to one sheet of paper front and back was going to be hard but your template made it a breeze. I’ve been using it 12 minutes every morning for the past two months and seeing the impact in every area of my life.

Jamie Giordano

Looking back, before I started the Think It, Be It program, I can now see that did not focus my bandwidth at all. It was all over the place! I just let the day lead me… Now, after reading my visualization daily for only two weeks, I can already see the results. I am so much more focused and intentional with the wattage I expend during the day. No more frenetic Dave! I am much more on focused on the activities that I need to in order to achieve my goals and be the man I always dreamed of being. My actions are now purposeful and intentional, without really having to this about it. The science is kicking in! Thanks John and Kelly!

David Mammano

I read this thing each morning and just watch how my brain then changes my behavior each day without much thought to it. So simple but so powerful. I feel like I now have so much more control over my life than I ever did before from compressing my life down to one sheet of paper front and back and reading it 12 minutes a day. Huge impact on my life.

Dawn Erin

From taking this amazing course, I am so much more aware of my brainpower. I am so much more cautious about what I think and how I’m working on becoming a millionaire. It’s funny how I’ve told a couple people about how awesome this course is and how I recommended it. They think I’m crazy or selling fraud. One person said that ‘Is this one of those pyramid schemes?’ LOL. All that means is there’s is so much work for you guys to educate and teach people. And that makes me excited.

Melissa Rios

Other written testimonials

We feel blessed that so many people have taken our course and have had life-changing results. Listed below are a sampling of just some of the testimonials we have. If you would like even more, just ask. We welcome the opportunity to share them with you.

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As a six-figure a year entrepreneur, I get the point of this courseto give me the foundation to net over $1 million a year. Because I see until I do that, I really can’t create financial security. I’ve done the math.

This course has given me that foundation. And in stepping back, I appreciate how simple the concept is. Define the person you want to be, what you want to accomplish, and specifically how you’re going to achieve your goals. Then feed that to yourself each day. Easy to see how that would affect my daily thoughts and actions.

And as I realized once I really thought about it, that’s what determines a person success and achievement in each area of your life. So simple. It’s amazing to me that I can impact my life so substantially using this 12 minute day technique taught in this course.

—Nick Boyd

Pure genius by what you created in the customized visualization which impacts my daily thoughts and actions after 21 days.


—Fred Diamond

Having read Think and Grow Rich, I understand the importance and potential impact of incorporating the practice of a customized visualization into one’s daily routine. When you look across the board at people who have achieved great things, a large number them credit this simple practice as having substantial impact on their lives (and the lives of those around them).

While Think and Grow Rich offers a strong introduction to the importance of visualization, it’s lacking in details about how to concretely implement this practice into daily life.

Practical application of theThink It Be It course takes the conceptual teachings of Think and Grow Rich and provides a practical roadmap to create a method of visualization that is practiced for just 12 minutes a day. By deeply thinking about your goals for each area of your life, you create a visualization strategy that you read and use every single day.

I had an old teacher who used to say – you’ll never become tomorrow what you’re not becoming today. Think It Be It offers a constant reminder of the person you’re becoming and the goals you have for the most critical areas of your life, and provides a simple strategy to move closer to those goals each and every day.

After practicing the teachings in Think it Be it, I’ve already started to make significant changes in my life. Reinforcing the person who you are becoming to yourself daily – helps you make decisions in the moment that ultimately lead to you becoming who you truly wish to become.

The outcome I received was a better, more clear understanding of my goals and the life I want to live along with a method to reinforce this to myself each and every day so it shows up in my actions and thoughts.

I’d recommend Think It Be It course to anyone who wants to live a life beyond mediocrity – those people who are not satisfied with the status quo and who want to be the best version of themselves they can truly be.

—Nick Giovacchini

The Think It Be It course introduced me to ideas in science that I’d never seen regarding the impact of reading a daily, “customized to my life” visualization. It impacts my subconscious mind, which translates to my thoughts and actions. The quality of the course content in the process of the course is extremely thorough and wildly exceeded my expectations. Every area of my life was inventoried and evaluated, and a vision and a pathway was created to take me towards the results I desire in every important area of my life. I am now seeing the results show up in my life as I follow through with the process.

—Tom Neblett

For business owners looking to accelerate their success both personally and professionally, this course is for you. In a relatively short amount of time, you can dive deep and create a system that  impacts the key areas of your life. You no longer need to choose between personal or business growth. You can have both. You can actually impact your daily actions and thoughts. The magic is it only takes 12 minutes a day.

—Rochelle Lisner

Should you do this course?

You probably have two questions. First, will it work on me? And secondly, am I willing to spend 12 minutes a day . . . to create an even higher level of success and achievement in my life?

Will it work on me?

Take this question off the table. Of course it will work on you. It works 100% of time, it can’t NOT  work. It’s pure science. And the logic is too persuasive for it not to work. It’s based on the central concept of the greatest selling book on success and achievement ever written – Think and Grow Rich. “What you envision in detail on a daily basis is what shows up in your life.”

This one concept has created more millionaires and billionaires than any other concept on the planet. And this course is recognized as the “Top Practical Application in the world” of this legendary book.

Secondly, it applies science to your life. Science profiled on the cover of Time Magazine. You’ve never tried to increase success and achievement in each area of your life by applying science to your life. Yet 20 years of research shows that the differentiator between the mega successful and the moderately successful is Control of Self and Focus. Exactly what this course teaches.

And thirdly, it’s common sense that it will work. Our 12 minute day methodology affects your daily actions and ongoing thoughts. Which ultimately determine your success in career, controlling your health and appearance, and your significant other relationship. The life that evolves for you in each area is simply a reflection of your daily actions and thoughts over time. Common sense!

Are you willing to spend 12 minutes a day?

To create an even higher level of success and achievement in your life. For most people, more success is merely a preference. But for some, it’s an absolute necessity. So as you evaluate doing this course, it really does come really down to one simple question. Is creating the Exceptional life in career, health , and your significant other relationship worth 12 minutes a day? It either is, or it isn’t. If it is, you’re doing this course! The logic is too persuasive not to.

So often, people sleepwalk through life. They hear something that makes sense but they take no action.

This course is a different way of “Doing Life.” A different way of thinking. Don’t let this rare opportunity to materially improve your life pass you by.

It's Your Time!

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