The Book

The Full “Secret” Disclosed – Think and Grow Rich


In the book Think and Grow Rich, it says there’s a “secret” for success but the author only gives us half the secret. So it’s on the reader to figure out the other half. And here’s the half of the secret the author reveals. “Everything starts with a thought”.

Now the full secret…

The full secret is “what you envision in detail, with emotion, on a daily basis is what shows up in your life”.

Applying that full secret is a three-step process. First you create immense clarity about your life. Exactly the person you want to be, exactly what you want to accomplish, and precisely how you’re going to achieve your clearly defined goals.

Step two is you put that clarity on to our life GPS template and read it to yourself every day. Takes 12 minutes a day. It’s through the template that we apply the science of the human mind, which includes neurolinguistic programming and some other scientific principles. Then step three. After 21 days the science kicks in and your autopilot is rewired. Then the right actions start happening automatically without thinking.

As you start this process, you will experience three things. Immediately you feel a sense of control over your life. Of course you would feel control. You’re feeding the succinct articulation of your life to yourself each day. Secondly, confidence – to level beyond what you’ve experienced before. This comes from the immense control you feel. Then after 21 days and your autopilot has been rewired, the third thing you experience is the superpower. What you’re feeding to yourself each day is showing up in your actions and thoughts automatically without thinking.

NOTE: This process is built on two things. Doing exactly what you say you’re going to do and an evolving level of clarity. As you change from enhanced clarity, your life GPS will change as well. It’s a continual reinforcing loop of clarity. This is the powerfully simple “success formula” of the book Think and Grow Rich.