John Mitchell started out as a CPA. By the time he turn 30, he became an entrepreneur. But by the time he turned 50, he wasn’t as successful as he thought he should be. To rectify that, a pearl of wisdom came to him. Find the top book the world on success and apply that book literally “Word for Word” to his life. That book was Think and Grow Rich – which has been read by over 100 million people.

So John bought the book and read the book. Then he discovered the problem. The book says there’s a secret for success, but the author only gives the reader half the secret. John ultimately figured out the full secret and a 12 minute a day technique to apply it. And in doing so it caused his income to go up by 25 times over what it was the prior 20 years. To over $5 million net a year. Feeling so blessed, John decided to share what he discovered with the world. To make the path of others easier than his own path.