Profit opportunity & advantages over the hugely successful Miracle Morning Product

To date, the Miracle Morning has sold 2.5 million copies of the book. It’s printed in 37 languages. The author, Hal Elrod, self published and made a profit of about $9 per copy. He confirms this in a recent podcast interview with John Gordon. So the original Miracle Morning book had a net profit of approximately $22,500,000. Then there’s been a spinoff series of Miracle Morning book’s tailored to 12 specific industries. Such as Miracle Morning For Realtors, For Salespeople, etc. Additional profit has been made from ancillary products that evolved from the books. Total profit from Miracle Morning franchise is approximately $35 million to date. With an ongoing net profit on an annual basis of multiple seven figures a year.

Here’s how their product works. It advises customers to do six daily practices each morning:

Acronym "Savers"

  • Silence
  • Affirmations
  • Visualization
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Scribing (writing)

Each component is to be done for 10 minutes each morning. So the full practice takes one hour a morning.

The 3 advantages of the Think It Be It product…

First, it takes 12 minutes a day. We find most people want to get going with their day. They don’t want to spend an hour getting ready for their day. Secondly, our product is totally customized to the customer's unique life. This is not the case with the “Morning Miracle” product. Third, our 12 minute a day methodology is considered the "Top Application In The World" of the top book in the world" on SUCCESS- Think & Grow Rich. A great bumper sticker.