In addition to the forthcoming book "The Missing Secret... To Think & Grow Rich" and the spinoff series of books tailoring the “secret” to 12 different industries, Think It Be It has the following 3 non-book products:




Rewire your autopilot


This is our entry-level product after the book. Over eight weeks we leverage people through science. By rewiring their autopilot- so that the right actions happen automatically without thinking. We teach clients our 12 minute day superpower through an online course. The end product is our Life GPS Template is customized to each customer’s unique life by the customer answering a series of questions. This is created by using an AI algorithm. Which applies the “central concept” of the book Think and Grow Rich to the customer’s life.



Group Coaching Program


Our coaching program is intentionally designed for a very narrow niche. For driven entrepreneurs, 45 and older, who today net over $150,000 a year. But they’ve never taken their net income to over $1 million a year. Additionally, they feel the scarcity of time. And they see that the way they’re creating success in their life only produces the AVERAGE LIFE. Not "The Exceptional Life" they want. In working with our coaching clients, our crystal clear goal is to double the income the client made the prior year. If we don’t think we can do that, we won’t take them as a client.

We’re so sure our methodology works, we provide a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, which is unheard of in the coaching business. Our ultimate goal is to take our entrepreneurial clients’ net income to over $1 million a year. Our video testimonials document we can do this.

In our group coaching program, clients are in a group with no more than 5 people. So that the client get the one-on-one attention they deserve. And so they develop like-minded friendships as well as accountability partners. Over eight weeks we teach clients how to LEVERAGE themselves through science. Using our customized 12 minute a day methodology, which applies the “central concept” of the top book in the world on success to the client’s life. Think and Grow Rich.



Graduate Mastermind “Leverage”


After clients have learned our 12 minute a day methodology by taking either our “LEVERAGE – Rewire Your Autopilot” online master class or through our group coaching program, they are then eligible to join our graduate mastermind called “LEVERAGE”.

We meet twice a month and clients learn further nuances of our 12 minute a day methodology. As well as interact with other 2%’ers who are using the methodology. They’re also given access to our weekly podcast – “The Net 7 Exceptional Life Podcast”. Further, they also have direct access to John Mitchell and Kelly Hatfield for their specific questions. As they become a member of our supported tribe. Doing life differently than everyone else.