Joint Venture Opportunity


Let us introduce you to the "Top Application in the world" of the top book in the world on a Success – Think & Grow Rich. According to one the Top 5 business schools in the country. Think It Be It's core product is a 12-minute-a-day patented methodology that applies the “central concept" of Think and Grow Rich to a person’s life.

Think and Grow Rich has been read by over 100 million people. Whereas the next best-selling book on success has been read by less than 10 million people. So it’s the top book in the world on success by a factor of 10. The story behind this product is fascinating.

When John Mitchell turned 50, he wasn’t as successful as he thought he should be. To change that, a pearl of wisdom came to him. Find the top book in the world on success, and apply that book literally “Word for Word” to his life. So he read Think & Grow Rich. But John discovers a problem. The author says there’s a SECRET for success, but the author only reveals half of the secret. Undaunted, John figured out the full secret, and a 12-minute day technique to apply it. And the full secret took his income to $5 million a year, after 20 years of $200,000 – $300,000 a year. This happened because this 12-minute a day technique allowed him to do things he couldn’t do before, & they were happening automatically.Truly a superpower. This happened because John had rewired his autopilot.

Over the last eight years John has developed his methodology with his partner Kelly Hatfield through their company Think It Be It. The core product is a daily mindset technique similar to the hugely successful “MIRACLE MORNING” product, but with some distinct ADVANTAGES over that well respected product. Such as our product is customized to the customer’s unique life, whereas the Morning Miracle product is not. And the Morning Miracle takes one hour each morning. Our methodology takes only 12 minutes a day.

Regarding the development of our program, Think It Be It has an extensive online video course to teach the methodology. And the end product is created using an AI algorithm that customizes our 12-minute day technique to each individual customer’s unique life. This happens from the customer answering a series of questions. Further, our company has proved the methodology works on the general public as evidenced by numerous video testimonials that document dramatic impact on INCOME (typically doubling an entrepreneur’s income) as well as impacting one’s HEALTH and ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP at the same time.

Simply put, the product works because it LEVERAGES a person through SCIENCE, by rewiring their autopilot. And because it is science, it works on everyone. Our confidence is backed by a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE . As to CREDIBILITY, Think It Be It’s 12-minute day technique is considered the “Top Application In The World” of the top book in the world on success. By one of the TOP 5 business schools in the country – the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. Where John teaches.

From a marketing standpoint, the advantage this product has is the connection and name recognition to the book Think and Grow Rich. That bumper sticker overcomes the clutter in the marketplace and attracts a lot of people. Especially when millions of people discover they can learn the second half the secret not previously revealed in the book. The company also has a well produced 3 minute video (click HERE) that explains the product, as well as 4 different products at various price points.

The joint venture opportunity...

Our goal is to replicate the $35 million success of the Miracle Morning Product. It would most likely start initially by co-authoring a book with a thought leader with a large audience. With the likely name being The Missing Secret… to Think & Grow Rich. Then the JV would create a series of books applying the “missing secret” to 12 different niche industries. As well as the refinement of 3 existing “non-book” products. An online course – Rewiring Your Autopilot. A group coaching program. A mastermind called LEVERAGE. In learning more about this opportunity, listed below is an index of our presentation, which includes the PROFIT POTENTIAL from the creation of the initial book using the same approach taken by the Miracle Morning product. Click the section you're interested in.