How business owner transformations occur


Most coaching programs fail …

And they fail for one of three reasons:

Your coach has never had big success themselves.

They think they know what it takes, in order to move a business owner’s income to netting seven figures a year. But they’ve never done it themselves. They’re speculating on what it takes. 

They don’t have a proven system.

Rather it’s just  more strategies. But you have strategies coming out your ears. What you need is great strategies to show up in your thoughts and actions automatically, without thinking. That requires a scientifically proven system, that is customized to each person.

They don’t have world-class support in implementing each part of the system.

It’s not enough to just TEACH you how to do something. You need someone to walk you through the entire process, step-by-step, and coach you every step along the way.

The bottom line? The results of most coaching programs are disappointing, despite the best of intentions.

Think It Be It is different…

First, the strength of our program is we have a crystal clear goal. Taking our business owner clients to netting seven figures a year. That simplicity of purpose is our strength. That’s why we restrict ourselves to only work with business owners who are already making six figures a year.

Secondly, we have two coaches (John Mitchell and Kelly Hatfield). We both have  been where you want to go. We’ve each  built companies that NET (not just gross) seven figures a year. And we’ve done it using a proven system. In fact such a remarkable system that one of the top universities in the country asked me (John) to teach it to their high achievers.

And lastly, through our hands-on approach, with what we call “blunt”( but respectful) coaching, we personally teach you the 10 critical principles required to net over seven figures a year. We make sure you fully get, understand, and implement each critical component of our program. We don’t move forward until that’s the case.

Who should work with us

Business owners who are “driven,” where netting seven figures a year is an absolute necessity.

Not merely a preference. Six figures a year is no longer acceptable.

Business owners who understand they have to take their income to netting seven figures a year NOW.

They’ve done the math. They understand that NETTING, not just grossing, seven figures a year is the ONLY way they can create the nest egg required to live “The Exceptional Life,” for themselves and their family.

Business owners who appreciate the scarcity of time.

Many of our clients are over the age of 40. They see that hard work doesn’t work. While it works for making six figures a year, they realize it doesn’t work for making seven. They see that it takes something else. We teach them what that “something else” is.

Who should NOT work with us

Business owners who are looking for a quick fix.

Something easy, without a lot of effort.

Business owners who are not passionate about delivering results to their clients.

Whatever business you’re in, unless you’re totally focused on delivering great outcomes for your clients, you can never deliver enough value to net seven figures a year. You’re paid on the value you deliver to your clients.

Business owners who don’t appreciate the scarcity of time.

Who assume that because they’re sharp, big success is just around the corner. If they put their head down and work hard.