Thriving In Times Of Adversity As An Entrepreneur


In this episode we discuss how to thrive as an entrepreneur during times of adversity. The big thing to do is to focus on what you control. That starts with having a strong daily mindset. It also requires reassessing how you are operating. Making sure you’re focusing ONLY on what moves the needle. Making sure you’re intellectually growing each week. This is so critical. And that personal growth needs to be both consistent and strategic. Meaning it needs to be strategic relative to what you want to accomplish. You also have to set aside time a couple times a week to just think. To DEEP THINK. You also have to be highly organized. And maybe most importantly, you have to tweak up your marketing. Not scale it back in times of adversity. Make it more effective. So here’s the bottom line. During times of adversity, you need to step back and up your game as an entrepreneur.

About the Hosts:

John Mitchell

John’s story is pretty amazing. After spending 20 years as an entrepreneur, John was 50 years old but wasn’t as successful as he thought he should be. To rectify that, he decided to find the “top book in the world” on SUCCESS and apply that book literally Word for Word to his life. That Book is Think & Grow Rich. The book says there’s a SECRET for success, but the author only gives you half the secret. John figured out the full secret and a 12 minute a day technique to apply it.

When John applied his 12 minute a day technique to his life, he saw his yearly income go to over $5 million a year, after 20 years of $200k – 300k per year. The 25 times increase happened because John LEVERAGED himself by applying science to his life.

His daily technique works because it focuses you ONLY on what moves the needle, triples your discipline, and consistently generates new business ideas every week. This happens because of 3 key aspects of the leveraging process.

John’s technique was profiled on the cover of Time Magazine. He teaches it at the University of Texas’ McCombs School of Business, which is one the TOP 5 business schools in the country. He is also the “mental coach” for the head athletic coaches at the University of Texas as well.

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Kelly Hatfield

Kelly Hatfield is an entrepreneur at heart. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of the ripple effect and has built several successful companies aimed at helping others make a greater impact in their businesses and lives.

She has been in the recruiting, HR, and leadership development space for over 25 years and loves serving others. Kelly, along with her amazing business partners and teams, has built four successful businesses aimed at matching exceptional talent with top organizations and developing their leadership. Her work coaching and consulting with companies to develop their leadership teams, design recruiting and retention strategies, AND her work as host of Absolute Advantage podcast (where she talks with successful entrepreneurs, executives, and thought leaders across a variety of industries), give her a unique perspective covering the hiring experience and leadership from all angles.

As a Partner in her most recent venture, Think It Be It, Kelly has made the natural transition into the success and human achievement field, helping entrepreneurs break through to the next level in their businesses. Further expanding the impact she’s making in this world. Truly living into the power of the ripple effect.

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How do driven entrepreneurs like you and me? Who want to play the game of life at our full potential? actually do that? So that we met seven figures a year and experience the overall exceptional life? It's all about leveraging our most valuable asset, our brain. But how do we train our brain to actually rewire our autopilot so that all of the right actions and focus happens automatically without thinking as we create the exceptional life in business health, and our significant other relationships? These are the questions and this is the podcast that answers them. This is where your net seven figures a year freedom begins.


Welcome, I'm Kelly Hatfield. Hey. And I'm John Michell. Hey, John, how's it going today? Hey, life is wonderful.


Thank you so much fun. I love that. Anytime I asked you that question. That's your response. And it's contagious. So thank you. Well, you know, I've got a I've got, you know, I've been thinking about this. That's even in my visualization that, you know, at the time, I'm like, Hey, live in the dream, because I am living the dream. Yeah. And then the other. But I heard a new one. I heard a new one from someone last week, I was really impressed. He says, I'm excellent. I'm excellent. You know, I like that I'm going to, I'm going to start using that. There's this gentleman I follow who some people may be familiar with this name is Chad. Right. And he is a seal a former I don't think it's former is the right term, but he's the seal.


A part of what his, you know, belief content, you know, belief system is, is that you don't speak the negativity out loud. You know, we've got Trump through some of the most adverse times he's got some wonderful stories related to the different missions he's been on. And, you know, the actual, you know, becoming a seal. And I forget what that what that process is called. Right? You know, where so many people wash out. He's like, when you speak that negativity, you know, out into the world. I mean, your chances of being successful are slim to none. And so when, regardless of what's happening, he's on his, because he runs ultra marathons. So let's say he's on mile 75. He's high speed are covered and blisters. He can't feel if somebody asks them, you know, how are you doing right now? His answer is always outstanding. Right?

Unknown:able to push through to miles:Unknown:

That's a great strategy. Really great strategy. But like you, you cannot do that. You've got to keep putting one foot in front of the other. So I thought we talked about that a little bit today. John, what are your thoughts on that? You know, yeah, this great topic. You know, at the end of the day, you just got to focus on what you can control because you don't control you know, the economy and all that and


so that idea to just


Focus on what you control. And you know, I think back when the pandemic hit in your experience, so you know, what you might share with everybody sort of

Unknown:Yeah, absolutely. So March of:Unknown:

I look back on it.

Unknown:. And then in:Unknown:

And I just, I just implore everybody who's listening to focus on what you can control what you can do today. Identify really, what are those actions that you should be taking. And, John, you and I were talking a little bit before we started recording about marketing, sales, and it's the instinct of a lot of companies to start cutting in some of those areas. And it's like, you've got to people need to know about you. You can't cut off the


to the channel to your business that lets people know who you are and what you do. Right. Right. You know, I tell you, I've had an awakening really about marketing. And and you know, I'm a big believer, as I know, you are bad having a marketing copilot. And when I was in the reverse mortgage business, and we were doing 25 million in sales, I had a marketing copilot who would


execute all the things, but I was coming up with what emotionally move the customer and I was holding him accountable for the performance of our marketing. But you know, we were successful because


we did direct mail we do. I don't know, we do 10,000 10 million pieces a year. And and we're really good at it. But I can't say that we were really good at all aspects of marketing. And and you know, so I've been pursuing this idea of becoming a marketing expert, and a couple of years ago, I know I was telling you, I said, Well, I think the way to become a marketing expert is to read Russell Bronson's three books, you know, he's secrets, expert secrets, and traffic secrets, I think. And, and so I thought, Okay, I'm gonna read those three books. I took like, 30 pages of notes on each one of them. And, and so I thought that's, that's the way to do it. Well, I read those. And I did not become an art marketing expert, you know. But what was surprising is recently,


because I think Russell Brunson is the man, you know, Tony Robbins, calls him the top marketing expert in the world. But as least to him, he says, you know, if you really want to be a marketing expert,


not only you had read my three books, but you really have to do, he calls it the five day lead challenge, and then the one funnel away challenge. And so I started doing that. And he says, Most people will not do that, you know, they just won't do that. And, and even if they do it, they won't do it the right way in terms of they'll, they'll, you know, listen to the whole thing, but they won't do the step by step of each of those challenges. And I went through this, and I've been blown away by what I've learned and how fundamental it is, you know, you basically you create your lead magnet around your, you know, something that you can give people something in exchange for their email address, like, like, for us, it's the nine habits to net over $1 million a year, and live the exceptional life in the process. Okay, that's attractive to people that are real players. And so we get through email addresses, that's step one, so you got to create the email in the the lead magnet, then the second thing is, once you get their email, you have to nurture them into having a relationship with you, which means you got to create basically six emails, that takes them on a journey, it's sort of like dating, you know, you get to know each each other lead step of the way. And then once once you have that, then you have to drive traffic. But you know, I from from doing this with, with Russell, I really feel like now I'm finally becoming a marketing expert. And, and I see to your point that if things are struggling, you really need to up your marketing. And my advice is, Do not turn the marketing over to just the next marketing guy that comes into your world. You got to own being involved in that marketing. And you got to you got to become an expert yourself and not take the attitude that oh, I'm not a marketing person. I've got to hire that out. Well, if if marketing is most important thing in a business, and you're concerned about being successful, you need to be a marketing expert. That's, that's, that's what I believe. What do you think? Yeah, I think that you and I want to be clear, like, in no way shape or form. Are you suggesting that people believe that they're executing necessarily themselves on the marketing strategy, you've got people a team, you outsource some of that to do to build the stuff, the stuff that's related to technology to the things that are out because you don't need to learn the things as far as all of that's concerned, that's, you know, that's not a good use of your time where where you do need to become a marketing expert is again to the point you made at the beginning where your messaging you know, what your clients, you're plugged into what your clients and customers want, you know, and


their pain points. And we're so that you're really able to work and collaborate with someone where you're leading the charge, you know, but it's your ideas, and it's your, you know, and you're familiar with some of the different techniques and things that are out there. And we're, I've made so many mistakes, in business in general, specifically around the marketing is abdicating what I know from an instinctual standpoint, from just, you know, my gut, logically, those kinds of things where I abdicate that and let the marketing person take the ball, right, and it goes in this direction, like, and it doesn't reap the rewards, the ROI isn't there, you know, and I knew that that wasn't a direction, but I believed in their expertise and and then ended up getting burned. So you need to have enough knowledge where you're able to guide that person and bring a lot of value to the discussions and know enough that you can say, No, that's not a direction, we're gonna go, we want to do this. And I think that's what you know, what you're saying? Yeah, it is. And, you know, I tell you something, they all said is the event. So eye opening. So I went back and read Russell Brunson.


Experts secrets, and he talks about the way that most people market is a basically say to the customer, hey, what we do is great, I'm great. You need to do it. That's his essence. And and he says, that's what everybody's initial inclination is. And he says he did it that way with Click Funnels originally. But the change is, you tell people the false belief around whatever your product is, you know, if it's, you know, there's, there's false beliefs in our business, you know, about creating success, a lot of false beliefs about that. And when I read the book, two years ago, I completely missed, I don't know how the heck I did after, you know, spending, you know, writing 20 pages of notes, but I missed it. And but I got it over the last year or so. And, and this applies to any business, whatever business you're in, there are false beliefs about your product, or your service. And the way you sell people is make them understand what your original false beliefs were about your product, and what the truth is. And when you change people's false beliefs, that's how you sell them, not telling them how great you are, and how great your thing is, is changing false beliefs. And that has been such a game changer. Yeah, absolutely. So I think, you know, just, you know, I know, we started out and talking about thriving, you know, in times of uncertainty. You know, we talked a little bit about bit about, you know, mindset that things that you can control is absolutely one of those things that you can control. And, you know, so any other thoughts to add, as we you know, I know, we try to keep it short, and then bite sized pieces for people. Any other thoughts on this, John? Well, you know, I think I think when you're hitting times of adversity, you just got to step back, and probably up your game, tighten your ship, you know, which means you need to be growing intellectually, bringing new ideas in your head consistently. You need to set aside time to thank a couple of times a week, you need to make sure you're highly organized. And you need to focus on what moves the needle and not get distracted by all the things that don't move the needle. But I just think in times of adversity, it's just you need to up your game. And those are the ways you do it. Absolutely. No, couldn't agree more. So well. Thank you all for joining us. I think we'll we'll wrap up here. John, does that work for you? Yeah. Yeah, I think so. All right, so we will see you next time.