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In this episode John explains that he recently took an extensive course on NLP – neurolinguistic programming. It’s the science and how you say things. And as part of the science, John learned more about the reticular activating system. That’s the filter for the brain. And here’s what’s interesting. At any second, when you are awake you have 2 million bits of information coming at you. 2 million every second. But your brain can only process 116 bits of information per second. So the brain needs a filter. It needs a nightclub bouncer to determine what gets in and what doesn’t get in. And what your RAS let’s in is based on what you tell it is important to you. In this podcast John and Kelly explain a powerful concept. That what you let into your consciousness determines the person you become. That would make sense. But most people are not giving their RAS a clear understanding of what’s important. Therefore things get into their consciousness that are not helpful. In this podcast John mentions that people’s fears are important to them. Therefore if they embrace those fears they will bring more into their consciousness. If they have addictions, those are important people. And more that will be brought into their consciousness. Towards the end of the podcast John and Kelly discuss their 12 minute day technique that gives their reticular activating system immense clarity regarding what’s important. And how powerful it is when you combine the use of that 12 minute day technique to control one’s unconscious daily actions.

About the Hosts:

John Mitchell

John’s story is pretty amazing. After spending 20 years as an entrepreneur, John was 50 years old but wasn’t as successful as he thought he should be. To rectify that, he decided to find the “top book in the world” on SUCCESS and apply that book literally Word for Word to his life. That Book is Think & Grow Rich. The book says there’s a SECRET for success, but the author only gives you half the secret. John figured out the full secret and a 12 minute a day technique to apply it.

When John applied his 12 minute a day technique to his life, he saw his yearly income go to over $5 million a year, after 20 years of $200k – 300k per year. The 25 times increase happened because John LEVERAGED himself by applying science to his life.

His daily technique works because it focuses you ONLY on what moves the needle, triples your discipline, and consistently generates new business ideas every week. This happens because of 3 key aspects of the leveraging process.

John’s technique was profiled on the cover of Time Magazine. He teaches it at the University of Texas’ McCombs School of Business, which is one the TOP 5 business schools in the country. He is also the “mental coach” for the head athletic coaches at the University of Texas as well.

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 Kelly Hatfield

Kelly Hatfield is an entrepreneur at heart. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of the ripple effect and has built several successful companies aimed at helping others make a greater impact in their businesses and lives.

She has been in the recruiting, HR, and leadership development space for over 25 years and loves serving others. Kelly, along with her amazing business partners and teams, has built four successful businesses aimed at matching exceptional talent with top organizations and developing their leadership. Her work coaching and consulting with companies to develop their leadership teams, design recruiting and retention strategies, AND her work as host of Absolute Advantage podcast (where she talks with successful entrepreneurs, executives, and thought leaders across a variety of industries), give her a unique perspective covering the hiring experience and leadership from all angles.

As a Partner in her most recent venture, Think It Be It, Kelly has made the natural transition into the success and human achievement field, helping entrepreneurs break through to the next level in their businesses. Further expanding the impact she’s making in this world. Truly living into the power of the ripple effect.

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Michael Overlie:

Hello, my friend. Welcome back to the dogs admin podcast. I am glad you're here. This is the show where you learn to let your dog lead. Lead you back to love. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. How's it going, guys? How's it going? How's it going? I got thanks for comment. Thanks for being here. Thanks for listening. Thanks for showing up for you. This is getting fantastic. So today, guess what. So if we're going to find balance, we are going to find balance, we're going to talk about life balance, what's become pretty popular term. But what we need to do is find out what it means to you. Now, this is hugely important, because my version of life balance isn't going to necessarily be your version of life balance. This is one of those places where we need to learn to give ourselves permission again, to be as you need to be to live as we want to, and feel like living don't have to live like everybody else do what everybody else does. And that's just pure insanity. Anyway. So let's get into this a little bit. Well, I didn't used to know what the hell lifebalance was. I did or others told me to do. I acted how others told me that act. And I was pretty much fucking miserable for a long, long time. God and all these different jobs I've had since I was, you know, in my teens, I did, you know, mostly mostly, it was called by that did what I was told to do. And it never made me any happier. You know, I spent so much time and energy trying to seek approval from those that I reported to, to be cared for like loved, validated, understood, I was amazing how much energy went into all that. I remember, I was working for this medical device company. And I started as a, like a technician, let's say in the operating room. And I worked I busted my ass, right? I did what they wanted me to do. And then so because I was looking for that validation, and then I saw it in the form of non approval, but the next title, right, the promotion. So I went from being a tech in a war to managing 12 states as regional manager in a matter of matter of a couple of years, right. I mean, I worked really hard. And I thought that that's what was important. Well, I had no life balance, you know, I spent a lot of one of my days in the operating room covering for my technicians that I managed so that they could go on vacation. And then I'd have to go back to my hotel wherever, whatever city I was in, because I cover 12 states. And then, you know, catch up on all my other stuff that I couldn't get done during my regular course of the business day. I felt like I was important because that's what somebody else said was important. And one day out, I was just freaking miserable. The guy that I reported to was completely unavailable. And I quit. So I got a call from the director of my whole division. And what happened next was really interesting. Instead of just doing what I needed to do, he offered me a promotion. So I took it. And it was different. But I even had more responsibility at this point because I still had to cover my old job, as well as start my new job, and then train another guy to take my position all at the same time. It was insane. It was completely ridiculous. But I did it because I thought it made me look good. And I felt important to somebody else. Oh my god. One day I finally I was almost a year later. God did that for a year. That's freaking stupid. Anyway, I'm like, Okay, done out and I quit, I quit for good. And, and I wasn't good at what they promoted me to do. I was terrible. And I was fused and lost. And I didn't know what I was doing. I felt like I couldn't get help. And it was, it was not a good fit. So I'm pretty sure they were actually happy to see me go. But I also want to balance, holy crap, I was still traveling like crazy is trying to set up an education center. down in Texas, I was doing all these things. It was absolutely nuts. And after I left that, I started to take a little better care of myself, I just do a little not a lot, right? Wasn't exercising much was eating like crap. And I've gotten to this other place now where I have this other type of being this other way of showing up for myself, so that I can be there for other people. I didn't used to understand that at all. So I put myself first, let me give you an example. I get about 330. Right. I think I've said that before. And I've got this amazing partner, who gets up a little, just a little out from usually sometimes with me. And we sit and we sipped coffee, like this morning, got a fire going freakin love it dogs laying in front of the fire. We had coffee, the bit of conversation, and then we're off to do our own things. Right. So she is a we have a room in the house called the healing room. And she's doing Cymatics and yoga and meditation. And she's doing her thing. While I'm out here, doing my thing, right, so I'll record a couple episodes. And then I'm gonna do my meditation, and maybe I'll read maybe I'll do some, some Tenshi. That's my version of Qigong and moves energy and do that kind of thing, before I get out into the rest of my day. So this is my version of paying myself first. Right? Not just financially, right, like when you get a paycheck is let's say you put 10% Straight into savings, you pay yourself first no matter what. Right? It's a great way to do that. It's great way to build some money. What about building your life building your freedom, right internal freedom as well as external freedom? Well, if you don't put yourself first, then you're not going to show up for others as well. Right? Can you get that? Can you grasp that a little bit? A lot of us are used to putting everybody else first, right? I mean, you're talking to the king of people pleasers right here. I didn't realize that I wasn't taking care of myself, and I wasn't as able to show it for others. Oh, I get that. I freaking get that now. So I put myself first. I do that so that I am happy. I feel good. I have stuff to work through still. And if I don't put myself first I'm not going to get to it. I can easily get busy. Gloss it over, move on to something else and try and take care of everybody else. Because I want their approval. I want their love. I want their acceptance. So no, oh, fuck that. I'm choosing me. Choose me in a selfish way. But if I don't take care of me, I'm crappy what I do. Right. I was I was talking to a guy earlier about I did a summit I put on a summit earlier this year. And I was so focused on people pleasing. Even though I've done all this work, I still get they're so focused on the people pleasing for these other people that I didn't do a good job of marketing and advertising and, and it was complete shit. I got hardly anybody showed up for it. And all the speakers have put in this time and effort. I feel like I let down. So if I don't take care of me and what resonates with me first, do my work, do my healing. Do what is important to me, then I can't really show up for other people very well. Right. spread yourself thin. And it's disappointing for everybody. So and that's hard. That's really fucking hard. What can you do? What can you do with that dog today? Right? Think about that your dog puts herself first. She really does. And she's constantly trying to show you that That so pay attention