Antiquated Operating System


We are all innately wired for survival which causes 90% of our thoughts to be fear-based. When we are based in fear we are very reactive. John and Kelly know this is the exact opposite way you should be if you want to be productive and happy. We must overcome our fear and reactiveness with proper programming and it only takes 12 minutes a day.

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John Mitchell

John’s story is pretty amazing. After spending 20 years as an entrepreneur, John was 50 years old but wasn’t as successful as he thought he should be. To rectify that, he decided to find the “top book in the world” on SUCCESS and apply that book literally Word for Word to his life. That Book is Think & Grow Rich. The book says there’s a SECRET for success, but the author only gives you half the secret. John figured out the full secret and a 12 minute a day technique to apply it.

When John applied his 12 minute a day technique to his life, he saw his yearly income go to over $5 million a year, after 20 years of $200k – 300k per year. The 25 times increase happened because John LEVERAGED himself by applying science to his life.

His daily technique works because it focuses you ONLY on what moves the needle, triples your discipline, and consistently generates new business ideas every week. This happens because of 3 key aspects of the leveraging process.

John’s technique was profiled on the cover of Time Magazine. He teaches it at the University of Texas’ McCombs School of Business, which is one the TOP 5 business schools in the country. He is also the “mental coach” for the head athletic coaches at the University of Texas as well.

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Kelly Hatfield

Kelly Hatfield is an entrepreneur at heart. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of the ripple effect and has built several successful companies aimed at helping others make a greater impact in their businesses and lives.

She has been in the recruiting, HR, and leadership development space for over 25 years and loves serving others. Kelly, along with her amazing business partners and teams, has built four successful businesses aimed at matching exceptional talent with top organizations and developing their leadership. Her work coaching and consulting with companies to develop their leadership teams, design recruiting and retention strategies, AND her work as host of Absolute Advantage podcast (where she talks with successful entrepreneurs, executives, and thought leaders across a variety of industries), give her a unique perspective covering the hiring experience and leadership from all angles.

As a Partner in her most recent venture, Think It Be It, Kelly has made the natural transition into the success and human achievement field, helping entrepreneurs break through to the next level in their businesses. Further expanding the impact she’s making in this world. Truly living into the power of the ripple effect.

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Kelly Hatfield:

How do driven entrepreneurs like you and me? Who want to play the game of life at our full potential? actually do that? So that we met seven figures a year and experience the overall exceptional life? It's all about leveraging our most valuable asset, our brain. But how do we train our brain to actually rewire our autopilot so that all of the right actions and focus happens automatically without thinking, as we create the exceptional life in business health, and our significant other relationships? These are the questions and this is the podcast that answers them. This is where your net seven figures a year freedom begins.

Kelly Hatfield:

Welcome. I'm Kelly Hatfield.

John Mitchell:

Hey, and I'm John Mitchell. And today

Kelly Hatfield:

we are going to talk about the antiquated operating system. So what the heck does that mean? You know, and John, actually, why don't you kick this off with when we're sitting in quite an operating system? What the heck does that mean?

John Mitchell:course, that was great, what,:Kelly Hatfield:

No, I didn't, you know, what I mean, like, and I was studying everything business related leadership related all of that, but not understanding how my brain actually worked, you know, and what's so just blows my mind, no pun intended, right? That word, nobody teaches us how to use our brains. It's our most powerful asset, and nobody teaches us how to use it to create success. Right. And I think once I understood, you know, so not only the antiquated operating system, but how the brain works, and why it works that way, and how it does that. So the autopilot will the brain is brilliantly designed. Think about this, your, your you, everything happening right now. So you as the listener, if you're driving right now, you're looking through your windshield, your brain is processing everything that you're seeing around you, while at the same time, it's you're listening and processing the information that we're saying right now, you're, it's your brain is keeping your heart beating your breath, you know, like it has so much to do, one of its job is being efficient. And so that is why you know, you are that that autopilot, is in play, because if you had to think about every single friggin thing that you did all day long, you know, be exhausted, you wouldn't get anything done, if you had to think about how to tie your shoe, you know, or something along those lines

John Mitchell:

well, and think about this. So if you're innately wired for survival, and that causes you to be innately fear based and reactive, and then you combine that with 95% of your daily actions, being unconscious, what that really means is that when your little eyes open up each morning, you're on autopilot, most of the day, innately wired to be fear, based, reactive and negative, which again, is the exact opposite of how you want to be if you want to be productive, creative and happy. And, and, you know, I got a great analogy, or at least I think it's great. We'll see. Maybe the only one but you know, think about this, let's let's, it's the analogy of of your, your computer, and the software is running. So your your brain is your computer, and it's a state of the art computer, right? And but it's going to run on on software and operating system. Well, if what the way most people do it, they're running that state of the art computer on a version of Windows, that first version of Windows that came out 40 years ago that the DOS version Well, of course, it runs clunky, you know, it's it's sure it's the greatest computer known demand, but it's gonna run clunky if you're running software that is is antiquated. And, you know, once you you sort of get this and go oh, okay, so I need to run the latest greatest software, which requires simply reprogramming the computer with the state of the art software. But here's the thing, that's, that's interesting, you got to install that software every day. Unlike most, you know, computers, you put the software in, we're good to go, you know, the software that you got to override is that antiquated operating, innately wired for survival? Software, you're not going to be able to pull that out and replace it with this, you're gonna overlay this using, you know, the methodology we teach to rewire your autopilot, and it overlays, new programming that gears you to success, but but I think maybe it is, is that a good analogy?

Kelly Hatfield:

Yeah, no, I think that that's a great analogy. You know, I think it is exactly right. It's this old software, you know, that we're operating on. And you know, the difference being within with the new software, like you were talking about, you upgrade it, you know, and then maybe a month or two from now you do an update and everything this is updating every single day, and reinforcing that new programming every single day. So, you know, it's tricky. And, you know, one other thing I wanted to mention, and just to help people tie, you know, this antiquated the idea of the antiquated operating system to their own life, you know, so your brain is designed to be fear based, as John just said, you know, and it's looking for all of the things that could potentially be dangerous for you. That's why change is so hard for most people. Because your brain sees that as a threat, you know, even the smallest change, you know, so that's why to when you're listening to some of this, you may be thinking this is, you know, this is a bunch of BS, you know, or this doesn't, you know, those could be some of the things that might be going through your mind, understand exactly that, that's what your mind is designed to do, is throwing up those things to stop you from making the change. That's what it's designed to do. It's designed to protect you, because it's innately wired for fear. So think about that. I mean, think about that related to your life. And anything that you've thought, Oh, I really want to do this, or I want to make this investment my business, or I don't know, if I'm quite ready to hire this employee, but man, it would bring a you know, it could bring a real benefit to the business, you'll feel that brain kick in that antiquated operating system, where it goes into that protection mode, and so on. And so a lot of this too, is just kind of seeing that for what it is, you know, and recognizing that that's what your brain is designed to do.

John Mitchell:

You know, that is that is an interesting point. Because, you know, the brain is wired to resist change, even though change may logically seem like the thing to do. So you could be more successful, but it wants to stay in that cozy, comfortable place you are right now, and that's so counterproductive. And, you know, I see all the time people not taking action when they know what they need to do. They're fully on board, but they won't take action. And, and I'm like, people come on, you know, if you don't agree with the action, that's okay. i But but if you believe in the action, let's go, let's go. But I see just what the point you're making is that, that we're innately wired, not only for survival, but to stay right where we are, right where we are. And, and I think that may be a good epiphany to end this on, is that not only are you innately wired for survival and being fear, based, reactive and negative, you're innately wired, not to change and and so if you don't change, you're gonna keep on getting what you got, but intellectually, knowing there's a better way so Okay, okay, well, that that takes care of it today. So we'll see you next time and if you want to learn more go to email Kelly, or me at So until next time, we'll see you.