Attributes of a successful info product

According to the legendary Dan Kennedy

Recently the legendary marketing expert Dan Kennedy did two podcasts on what attributes make a successful information product. Here’s a recap of what he said and how it relates to our methodology and products:


Product has got to be based around a “big idea”

With our product, it's playing the game of life at 100% of your potential. Rather than at 10% – 20% as most people do.


Must create a philosophical connection with people – a similar belief system

With our product, two key things. First, we teach our clients that we are all innately wired for survival. Additionally, we prove to them that 95% of their daily actions are unconscious. The effect of those two things is that when a person opens their eyes each morning, they’re on autopilot most the day. Innately wired to be fear-based and reactive. Using our 12 minute a day methodology, we rewire their autopilot. So they’re wired for success, rather than survival.

We also point out that if 95% of their daily actions are unconscious, and their daily actions are what determine their success in each area of their life, the only way to have a higher level of success than they’re currently experiencing is to control and influence their unconscious daily actions. It’s pure math.

In working with clients, we change a fundamental false belief they have about success. They believe they control their daily actions. Not so. They only control their intentions. Their daily actions are controlled by their autopilot. So the bottom line is we create a strong philosophical connection and belief system with our clients, a key component of any successful product.


Sell the customer on themselves – their potential

Our product is all about getting people to play the game of life at 100% of their potential. Rather than 10% – 20% as most people do from not overriding each morning their innate programming that gears them to survival, not success.


Product should be psychologically addictive

The essence of our product is the customer, using our proprietary template, feeds to themselves the succinct articulation of their life to themselves each day. Exactly the person they want to be, exactly what they want to accomplish, and precisely how they’re going to achieve their clearly defined goals. Additionally, what they feed to themselves changes as they change. People find this process fascinating and psychologically addictive.


People want to feel superior over others

We point out to people something that really resonates. That if you do life like everyone else, you’re going to have the average life. Our program is literally a different way of “doing life”. The first step is we help people create immense clarity about their life. Who they are and what they want to accomplish. The second step is they then feed that clarity to themselves each day. Then the third and final step. After 21 days, the science kicks. And the right actions start happening automatically without thinking. Giving them truly a superpower. And this superpower then gives them an EDGE, an advantage in life over everyone else. And therefore makes them feel superior to others.


Proprietary language

Successful products need proprietary language that is unique to that product. That makes people feel part of the club and again, superior to others, with an advantage over others. With our product we have this proprietary language – “Life GPS Template, “Deep Thinking two times a week, just to name a few.


People want rules and they want SIMPLE

Our product is leveraging people through science. By rewiring their autopilot. And here’s why it’s "simple". You feed the succinct articulation of your life to yourself each day. Takes 12 minutes a day. That influences your daily actions (95% of which are unconscious), and those improved unconscious daily actions then creates the life you want. Powerfully simple. And we have a clear set of established rules that makes the science highly effective.


NOTE: To hear Dan Kennedy’s two-part podcast on what makes a successful info product, it's available upon request.